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Products > Computer mice and mouse pads > Gaming mice > Wired gaming mouse Defender sTarx GM-390L

Trademark: Defender
Model: GM-STARX-390
Average retail price: 17 EUR
EAN: 4714033523905
Article: 52390

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Wired gaming mouse Defender sTarx GM-390L

Technical specifications

Connection type wired
Connection interface USB
Amount of buttons 7 + scroll wheel
Sensor type optical
Resolution 1200/1600/2400/3200 dpi
Max acceleration 8 g
Color black
Cable length 1.5 ±5% m
Max tracking speed 4000
IPS speed 30 IPS
System requirements for PC Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS X10

Defender Game Center software

Macros editor

Keyboard buttons emulation

4 mouse resolution modes

DPI setting button allows to choose the cursor speed (800/1800/2400/3200 dpi). The chosen DPI level will be indicated with the scroll wheel backlight.

Gold-plated USB connector

2 thumb buttons

Ferrite noise filter

Different-color backlight

Molded thumb rest

Wide chrome-plated scroll-wheel

5 customizable buttons

Metal plate on the bottom

Metal feet

Weights for mouse weight adjustment

Woven cable structure

FIRE function for shooters

Special FIRE function allows to set fast single-round firing on any extra button. That increases accuracy and decreases the jitter from recoil.

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